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Poster: Filmcollectief Zandvoort Date: May 2, 2007 3:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The THANK YOU TYLER thread!!! :)


I completely agree with your critics on the posted content. I transfer old 16mm movies and if my customers agree, I put them on When I look at the newly added movies, for example, I see jihad and hate propaganda and not much others like me who are willing to post the movies before the got lost in the big black deep of a trashcan. So I know it is probably impossible to review all those movies posted on but maybe there can be a statement that is not fot middle-east content exept when it is in English? or am I going too far? I mean, let's discuss it before some government decides to close and that is the last thing we want. I also know that there is an european archive ( but there is not much content yet on it. But it will be soon that I am not posting on anymore because my content is associated with jihad and hate because my digitized transferred 16mm stuff is between those files. And that is something to concern and certainly something I don't want.
Anyway, I hope for a discussion.


Cor Draijer
(search on the string "filmcollectief" and you see my added content)

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jul 19, 2007 10:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The THANK YOU TYLER thread!!! :)

Hey thanks to all who don't hate me! It's a shame that we would lose a contributor of valuable content to this so I hope you change your mind about adding more 16mm films. I think countering their message with an alternative is the best defense and offense in this struggle for opinon. Some folks think I am a neocon bushwacker and all gungho imperiliasm, but I am not. I am an atheist against oppressive governement and religions and oppose censorship and government regulation of human behvior of any kind that thinks if a threat to my country
(and my freedoms) exists, it should be stomped out and pissed on. I will not vote for GW ever again, I promise. There are also some who trivialize the "terror threat" and think jihad is not their problem, hate to break the news but when my old stomping grounds are getting hit by airliners (I saw them hit) I tend to take it seriously. On a lighter note of non dead related jihad topical stuff, I found myself mentioned on a few jihad sites! One of the translations goes something like this:

"Entire books exist but the problem appears isolated and that the books of any researcher search in some way.
ip adresses. As for you, brother Osama tried to change the name of a new user to enter the location of the archives and perhaps formerly of the ip adresses.
Telephone Toughguy And spare received significant that a member of the Telephone Toughguy Archive is the reason for this suffering."


See them here:,GGLD:2004-11,GGLD:en%26sa%3DN,GGLD:2004-11,GGLD:en%26sa%3DN

Some say I am wasting my time battling these hating knuckleheads online but if I am only annoying one person in his attempt to preach hatred and death, it's all worth it.

Oh by the way there are still dozens of bootleg movies and music up, I just don't have time to keep posting about it anymore. Stay tuned.

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